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Blot on the Landscape

Why bother with a Buying Agent ?We went to preview a property yesterday. We looked on Google Earth to check its surroundings, but this information can be quite out of date. We checked on planning portals to see consented planning and nearby planning applications and we were assured by the selling agent that this was the best house he’d ever seen. It should be good, the guide is 8 figures! It was about and hour and a half away- not in the Cotswolds- and the last twenty minutes of the journey all you could see was this. HS2For about 5 miles before you get to the house then up round the back of the land and over the other side. The beautiful house was an oasis in a sea of HS2. We didn’t go in. You have to see a house to know if you’re going to like it but if you employ an agent to vet properties that can be unsuitable for a hundred different reasons then you can save yourself a lot of time, money and frustration. Call @andrewbarnes957 07961257559

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