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Downhill from now on ?

So you’ve found your dream house and you’ve agreed the deal. It’s all down hill from now on .....right ?

Sadly far from true. There are all sorts of snags that come up along the way even in normal times, surveyors’ reports, bank funding demands, valuations. The list goes on. In these strange times you have to add the strains of COVID to the mix, staff shortages and working from home is putting enormous pressure on the conveyance process and some property deals are taking months to get to exchange. What you need is someone in your corner.

Someone to call the solicitors every other day to see how things are going, someone to intervene when planning issues arise or ancient land rights need to be settled. Someone to argue that if the roof or drains need doing that should be reflected in the price. Someone to sanity check your thoughts on dropping the price or moving the goalposts. A buying agent has seen it all before and can point out the pros and cons, sit on the phone to professionals and talk through the difficult decisions. Call 07961 257559

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