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The Cotswolds, and the countryside in general, has so many different areas that it is impossible to be an expert on everything. Every buyer has a different reason for moving & is at a different stage in their lives. Each area has different Pros & Cons.

Commuting is a huge factor to consider. Anyone who would like to commute to London every day would probably rather be within 25 mins of Banbury where every 15mins there’s a direct train to Marylebone with a journey time of under an hour.

Broadband availability is one of those things that even when you visit a property you can’t really gauge how effective it will be for you until you live there. A service that is suitable for a couple living on their own, or even a family of four with small children under ten, may not be robust enough for a family of four with teen or tweenagers . And that’s the thing….. every buyer’s need is different & every property’s ability to deliver is different so it takes a local expert to put those two perspectives together in the most efficient & satisfying way.  There are also schools to be considered, not to mention building sites & heavy traffic areas. The list can be endless.

For bespoke & current property advice contact Barnes Property & find your Forever Home.

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