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Autumn in the Cotswolds

Autumn in the Cotswolds is a gorgeous mix of vibrant colours & cosy evenings & our latest book is bringing its fair share of exciting new places to visit and shop as well as highly recommended contacts for this time of year, like chimney sweeps and vets Notable new comers are the wonderful new cafe and farm shop in Gaginwell brought to you by @thecotswoldguy, gorgeous ethical womenswear company @by_soren, idyllic hut-lux from @lowernillfarm and new eateries in Charlbury @thebellcharlbury & @thebullcharlbury . @sassy_hardwick has a stunning lighting collection out and if you haven’t eaten at RH England yet their Pizzeria Loggia is a must. If you’d like to see a little taste of what the Cotswolds has to offer this Autumn please click the link below

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