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Be Careful What You Wish For .......

Lockdown 3 🤯 🤹🏻‍♀️🧹👩🏼‍🍳 It’s a LOT isn’t it?

Yesterday I asked for help- and they did 👼👼👼 One put the bins out ...... and walked mud all through the house on the way back in, one brought all the glasses down from their bedroom...... and smashed one all over the floor, glass travels a long way on tile floor. The other one helps by updating me on everything that happens on her Google meet every 7 mins.


A timely example of “ be careful what you wish for “ 💭🖤💭

So what’s on your wish list ? 📋

Huge Country House 🏡

Long Drive , no near neighbours 🏝

Swimming Pool 🏊‍♀️

Close to Fashionable Restaurants 🍷

Horses and Livestock 🐎

Something you can “add value” to 🏚

It’s really important to have a list of priorities but make sure your eyes are wide open 👀 to the pitfalls.

Many a newly relocated buyer moves into the large imposing house & quickly becomes overwhelmed by the amount of upkeep or uncomfortable with the isolation. It just means they move again in a year or so but that’s and expensive and disappointing mistake.

Fashionable locations can come and go, make sure that’s not the ONLY thing you like about the area.

Swimming Pools & livestock can be a big part of the dream but are also expensive and high maintenance “ adding value “ is H.A.R.D. A project soaks up huge amounts of time ⏰ money 💰 resilience 💪🏼 and is the steepest of learning curves 🪜

Don’t fall into the trap of an expensive mistake, engage a buying agent to help you see what’s really achievable and important to you.

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