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Blossom Out Buyers Out

Spring is traditionally the time when the Country House Market wakes up from its winter slumbers & the beauty parade of buyers & sellers begin their courtship. Sellers, if you would like to sell your home in a decent amount of time please engage with your Conveyancing Team as soon as you sign up your Estate Agent. Make sure you have access to every single piece of paperwork. Planning permission, electrics, building work, roofing, certifications. Everything you are assuming your solicitors will have on file, just get them to check. You would be amazed and dismayed how many transactions fall through because paperwork is not in place. Also, see what your solicitor things about you having a search done before you engage with a buyer. These can be a few thousand pounds and only last 6 months but the lack of them is holding sales up for months at the moment and it could be something that puts you ahead of the pack. There isn’t the furore in the Country House Market that there has been for the last few years but if you have a best in class property it should still achieve a premium price and once you have that price agreed it would be heartbreaking if you lost it all for the want of a bit of pesky paperwork.

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