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So you’ve registered with all the Estate Agents and they have called you times but you haven’t heard from anyone for the last few weeks and you’re wondering what to do. Well, it’s not you. The agents are just really, really busy. They are taking on huge amounts of properties and they have loads of applicants (buyers) with quite a small window of time to match everyone up. In town the property market can be fairly consistent with the main quiet times in August and December but in the country the market between Easter and the Summer holidays can get a little fraught and mainstream buyers will receive property details when the marketing department can get through the large volume of work and @rightmoveuk will ping you an alert right ?

If you are serious about buying the best house for you and you would like easier access to properties as soon as they become available even if they are not on the open market you need a property expert on your side.

Call Andrew 07961 257559

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