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Updated: Feb 21

According to a chart in Bricks and Mortar @timesproperty ( source data from Hamptons Branches ) today THREE of the top twenty areas in Britain with the biggest increase in Buyer Inquiries are on the edges of the Cotswolds.Abbeydale near Gloucester has the biggest increase in the whole country with Stroud near Cirencester 13th and Banbury, North Oxfordshire 17th. This is fuelled by a demand for more square footage for your money and the realisation that the villages and the edge of the Cotswolds still benefit from fabulous views, great infrastructure and quality of a life. Activity in the Cotswold property market is definitely hotting up already this year, partly due to pent up demand from last year and partly due to a more comfortable interest rate outlook. If you’re thinking of buying in this part of the country this year, you’re going to need a Life Line. Call Andrew on 07961 257559

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