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Croft Villa, Broadway

Croft Villa in Broadway The property that everyone is talking about, brilliantly brought to market just as everyone is gripped by the latest Bridgerton series and it’s love of Georgian Architecture If you swipe the other beautiful properties are in Bourton on the Hill, Naunton, Donnington and near Bledington. But what do you know about these villages ? Are they just names on a map ? If you are house hunting in the Cotswolds and need to know how far you are from transport links or broadband speeds, where the best pubs are or how to get back to London look through our latest Little Black Book for in depth information of different areas and what their locations can mean for you. There has been some discussion about the North/ South Divide in the Cotswolds, our Little Black Book has maps to explain those areas north and south of the A40. Some people think that the pounds per square foot value of a property is higher in the northern Cotswolds. I disagree. I think it’s more about postcode, quality of property and local infrastructure. If you turn to the page right at the back there is a map of the different local authorities and counties that make up the Cotswolds AONB. There are many and it’s complicated so look through the book and decide where you would like to be because if you are looking for a needle in a haystack you at least need to decide which haystack to look in. #littleblackbook #needleinahaystack #locationlocationlocation #thecotswolds #aonb #gloucestershire #oxfordshire #warwickshire

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