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Dutch Barn Inspo

Down long drives and behind high hedges Architects and Builders in the Cotswolds are beavering away in all weathers to bring old unused farm buildings bang up to date while still reflecting their history and their stunning natural environments Here are two shining examples of luxury properties that began their lives as utilitarian Dutch Barns but have been transformed into the stars of the show. •Nature & NurtureWhen planning new properties in the countryside the dream is to create the perfect balance between the integrity of the ancient buildings and beautiful landscape on one side and modern, sustainable dwellings on the other.We think that this 5000 sq ft re imagined Dutch Barn in Kingham is one of the finest examples of that perfect balance. The building has been refurbished with energy efficiency and sustainability at its core, including one of the most energy efficient building systems currently available The second barn by @blakearchitects is a more traditional high quality country interior and an equally gorgeous space, integral to it’s surroundings Swipe for some Saturday morning design inspiration.

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