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Family Time

Updated: May 14, 2021

Ahhh the countryside. Peace, quiet, clean air & stunning views. Just what you need as a family to reconnect after a frantic week of school and work……..unless you’re a teenager or tweenager or Gen Z. Then you might not be overly excited at the thought of leaving the excitement of friends and city life at the weekend.

Well, there are many areas in the Cotswolds that are having a moment now and if you can get a property with maybe a pool and room for friends then many village stations have direct lines to London so that older children can travel up by train by themselves or with friends as well as lively pubs within walking distance, leaving parents free to do their own thing whether that’s seeing their own friends or relaxing by a fire.

The Cotswolds is the perfect solution for year round multi generational down time where you are all able to spend weekends your own way together.

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