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Four Shires Stone

The Four Shire Stone.Dating back to the 1600s there has been a monument on this spot on the edge of Great Wolford on the A44 between Chipping Norton & Moreton in Marsh. You may pass it and not really see it but in the past it has been credited with inspiring JR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and a few years ago, retired local Chartered Surveyor, James Hayman-Joyce, led a campaign to raise £20,000 for the restoration so that generations to come can be reminded of the many different counties that make up the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty called the Cotswolds.Apart from the enormous history of the make up of the Cotswolds, why does it matter which county you buy a property in as long as it's in the Cotswolds?The counties differ enormously for instance:Bin Collection........Warwickshire easy, recyling or non recyling garden waste includedOxfordshire.... different bins for food waste, recycling, non recycling, garden waste extra charge glass not taken at all.Stratford District Council is notoriously strict on planning applications, the Grammer School Catchment Areas are mostly Warwickshire and Gloucester and the School Bus Routes all depend on where you live. In our guide to North Cotswold villages - link in bio - there is a broadband checker link. The best provider is a company called but they don't cover everywhere yet so buyer beware !for more information on buying properties in th edifferent areas of The Cotswolds please read through our Little Black Books in Bio or call Andrew on 07961 257559#fourshirestone #oxfordshire #warwickshire #gloucestershire #haymanjoyce #wolford #monument #jrrtolkien #lordoftherings #marketintelligence #propertyadvice #thecotswolds

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