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If the Price is Right

The Property Market catch phrase used to be Location Location Location.

I would say that actually the Property Market is just as pragmatic as any other Market Force and transactions usually come down to Price, Price, Price.

In the same way that some London postcodes become more desirable when the price in SuperPrime becomes untenable Country Buyers are often willing to stray out of the Golden Triangle of Chipping Norton, Cirencester and Moreton in Marsh to the outer triangle of Oxford, Cheltenham and Stratford on Avon.

If The Price is Right

Beautifully maintained property in a lovely setting will always achieve the best price, whether it’s off market or openly marketed. The difference is how many potential buyers the property is exposed to.

In our experience, if a property is outside the Golden Triangle AND valued under £2million the advantages of Discrete Marketing become less defined because buyers are less like to engage Buying Agents at that price level. However, of the 15 or 16 property transactions we were involved with last year only two were on the open market. Buyers without representation were highly unlikely to know the other properties were available and the sellers are really unlikely to have achieved any more.

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