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Never Cast a Clout Til May is Out

My grandmother used to say when we were young and over excitedly shedding layers at the first glimpse of sunshine. We never knew whether she meant the month of May or the May Blossom but the country property market is driven by a similar mantra. Country House Vendors are always reluctant to expose their properties to prospective buyers until their glorious gardens burst into bloom and boy has that happened with this week’s spectacular sunshine. Not all the most beautiful properties are on the Blooming Open Market though so for full access to as many properties as possible call Andrew 07961 257559

If you enjoy exploring wonderful gardens that are not for sale @ngs_oxfordshire and @ngs_gloucestershire have some fantastic spaces to view. This weekend @blenheimpalace gardens is open via the scheme. Click the linktree in our bio for tickets. #englishcountrygarden #may #nevercastaclouttilmayisout #opengarden #offmarket #blenheimpalace #countryproperty #oxfordshire

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