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Off Market Off Plan

One way to avoid all the unknown difficulties of forging relationships with Project Managers, Planning Officers, Builders and Suppliers is to buy a property from a Development Company and let them take all that pain away. If you find the right project early enough you will usually be able to have a say in the final finishings and layout of your new dream property and by employing a Quantity Surveyor (QS) to act on your behalf, they will ensure that the property is completed to the agreed specification and on time and best of all, they will represent you at countless meetings with the contractors etc without you needing to be present.

Turn Key, Luxury Developments aren’t everyone’s dream home but if an uncertain property market is a concern to you then knowing exactly how much your new home is going to cost to deliver might take the edge off all the uncertainty.

The development company will benefit from Economies of Scale and a wealth of experience that will save you time and money and will mitigate the risk avoidable errors, which all too often occur with new build projects

Luxury Development sites in the Country House Market are few and far between and so far, all the properties we have acquired for our clients from Property Developers have been sold ‘off-market’ and ‘off-plan’ with one site all being sold in one week and another site of three houses being sold to just one buyer.

For information on off market off plan properties call Andrew 07961 257559

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