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Property Papers

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

It used to be that we had to keep all the documents for our cars safe in a file, now MOTs, Service History and Owner Information are all on line. If you know the registration of a vehicle you can easily find out it’s entire MOT history in minutes. Some one clever in the techy department needs to create the same system for property 🙏🏼. The time between agreeing a deal and exchange is taking toooo looong. Vendors and buyers hold their breath, vendors unable to commit to a new home, renting is harder than buying at the moment. Neither side can definitively organise removals, decorators, furniture. Nothing fosters frustration like a long gap between sale agreement and exchange and a sweet deal between two sides can start to feel a little sour

It might seem at the beginning of the agreement that vendors hold all the cards but it is in the best interest of both parties to sign exchange papers.

So if you own a property please keep a file, either the traditional way with hard copies and a cabinet or photos on your phone or desktop. Every maintenance job that is carried out, chimney sweep, gardening, damp proof, electrical certificates, structural work guarantees and planning permission are all vital. Cosmetic work like decorating and soft furnishings can only be a bonus. Not only do they protect the vendors from any questions the surveyors report may raise but they justify any uplift in price since the property was purchased and prove that the house has been loving looked after like a highly polished classic car.

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