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RH England at Aynho Park

“We blur the lines between residential and retail and home and hospitality,” says Friedman. For the first time in Europe, RH England has launched. A celebration of history, food & wine, hospitality & creativity. The former owners of Aynhoe Park- now known as Aynho Park @jamesaynhoe and @sophieparnham have been hugely supportive to the RH team and their legacy of love and respect for the historic building is apparent throughout. Many features from @amoderngrandtour have been retained and the ethos of extraordinary curation and warm hospitality definitely lives on,symbolised by their iconic unicorn Read more about the extraordinary lengths the team at RH England are going to to respect the integrity of Aynho Park and bring design and hospitality together from the past and showcase it’s importance today in the most exciting way.

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