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Sign from The Times

This clip from today’s @timesproperty@thetimes by @graham_property might not be the most flattering endorsement of buying agents 😂 but there’s something in the grudging tone that seems to validate our existence 🙏🏼

I should add that we also bring to the buyers’ side of the table:-

🏡 Over 30 years experience in the British Property Market

🏡 Over 18 years experience of The Cotswolds & over 30 in London

🏡 A long term perspective of The Property Market that brings with it balance and the benefit of hindsight

🏡 Experience with Planning Issues, Flood Risk, Conveyancing, Building Regs

🏡 Knowledge of negotiation that can only come with time spent immersed in that market

If you’d like to speak to someone who can do all that and do the dirty work on your property transactions call Andrew 07961 257559

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