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Thatched Roof

One of the prettiest wonders of country architecture is the thatched roof. Like most things worth having, thatches need a little care and experience & they often need a little more understanding . If you are thinking of buying a thatch, however large or small, you could really do with talking to an expert.

One of the most experienced thatchers in the Cotswolds is Dan Quartermain who has not only been building his small, highly skilled company since 1990 but has also spent years working with young apprentinces & suppporting organisations such as @princestrust . Dan Quartermain's company is also an advocate of the thatching industry's green credentials, with its renewable source materials & they recycle the waste material to animal bedding which is then composted & redistributed over fields.

If you have any thatching queries contact Dan Quartermain on 07974 521576 or visit

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