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The Fine Art of Negotiation

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Small boys leave their school uniform EVERYWHERE. No amount of begging, cajoling or bribing could make ours care enough to hang up a blazer or put sports kit in a bag. So one year I sewed in new name tags that read “ The Fabulous F.A.B. “

Freddie was horrified. There was shouting and talk of his rights, there may have been tears. Until I explained…..people don’t see your name tags if your clothes are where they are supposed to be. When you are wearing your blazer or it’s hanging on a peg or your rugby shorts are in your locker or bag, no one needs to see it. Only when your jumper is a forgotten goal post in the corner of a playground or your football boots are on the floor of a changing room will anyone see your name tags. It worked, not perfectly but there was a compromise.

The art of negotiation can be really tricky, especially in such a frothy market when tempers can run high and frustrations begin to run deep on both sides. Dropping the agreed price in a market like this creates bad feeling and really doesn’t work at the moment when vendors are likely to have a queue of prospective buyers. However, no one wants to drop out of a property deal and start all over again so the vendors are usually open to suggestions that are a little more creative and a little less blunt. If you want to get the best deal when you are buying a property you really could do with a property advisor on your side to give you the benefit of their experience and practice the art of great negotiation ⚖️

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