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The Home Edit

Whatever you maybe reading or hearing about the current state of the property market in both town and county, in our experience houses which are beautifully presented and priced accordingly are flying off the shelves, often over guide price with several bidders. With the recent inflationary increases in the cost of renovation and decoration buyers don’t really have the appetite for the doer upper they once did If you are thinking of bringing your house to market in the New Year you really need to be taking a long hard look at your property now and deciding what honestly needs doing. Anything over 5 years completed is not newly done. That doesn’t mean a complete renovation project on your part , fresh paint and a carefully curated design can go a long way to creating the best impression. If you click on the link in our bio you will find our Little Black Book- The Home Edit which is packed with home experts for whatever your needs might be. One of the best ideas might be to buy accessories that elevate your interiors now but can be taken with you when you go. Like the stunning creations by @sassy_hardwick who has a sale on until tomorrow. Giving your property the best chance to achieve a fast, fair sale may be the best present you can give yourself this Christmas

To read the Home Edit or visit Sassy Hrdwick please click the links below

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