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It’s been quite a year ! Health and wellbeing are increasingly becoming one of the most important factors when buyers are deciding where to live. Often the decision to buy a property in the country is driven, at least in part, by a yearning for a better quality of life for the whole family. Whether that’s just at the weekend or all week long. Country living can often increase health and wellbeing just by the environment, space, light, fresh air and nature can all elevate our wellness and here in the Cotswolds we are also fortunate enough to be surrounded by incredible gyms, spas and clubs which exist primarily to improve our health and fitness. But did you know that your property can also be built to optimise health and wellbeing through air, water,nourishment,light, fitness, comfort & mind. @rigbyandrigby has achieved accreditation from the internationally recognised @wellcertified for excellence in this area. @countryandtownhouse have published an excellent article that explains it all far better than I can. For more information please click the link below.

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